Goodbye, Corporate America!

Big changes. I put in my notice and will shortly be out of the corporate box doing what artists do best…starving and looking for ways to make the rent whilst pushing my latest artistic endeavor.

The album is finished, and after a long and laborious process, I am the proud parent of my first full-length studio project. Paul and I are in the throes of discussing what to name the little chap. Right now, the nomer “Upstairs, Downstairs” is winning by a nose.

Luke Flowers and I will be putting together a graphic scheme to represent it in the next month or so, and the Andrews family (and hopefully my best buddy and favorite guy) will be taking a short excursion to the coast of Maine to get the project mastered at Gateway. Release time TBA. I’m currently working on the preliminary steps of local radio and national tv/film synchronization campaigns.

The mind is a powerful thing. Expect big things from this little engine that could in the next year. For now, goodbye health insurance and paycheck stability. Hello dreams.