2014…So Far, So Good

With January almost over, 2014 is well underway and I must say, it’s been a good year so far! ¬†The album was released on 1/14 thanks to the support of my many listeners who backed it via Kickstarter and Sellaband, and I have a few Triple A Radio stations adding it to rotation already.

I’d like to give a shoutout of thanks to the following stations for playing “Periscope” and taking a risk on an unknown artist!

WRUW Cleveland, OH

KTUH Honolulu, HI

WRRW Williamsburg, VA

WUSM Hattiesburg, MS

KAXE Grand Rapids, MN

WHUS Storrs, CT

KAFM Grand Junction, CO

WVIA Pittson, PA

KRFC Fort Collins, CO

KSER Seattle, WA

WERU East Orland, ME

In other news, I spent a week in my hometown and even skied a few runs, caught up over coffee with old friends, and now I’m back in the swing of things and am booking new shows for the coming season. ¬†Looking forward to seeing you out and about!