Blog, blog, blog

So it’s that other time of the year when I set New Year’s Resolutions (since Fall is historically connected with going back to school in my mind, thanks to childhood and college year memories) and always brings on an inherently ingrained new, creative and change-making mindset.  Do you ever feel the same way?  I always start new projects, write new songs and want to change my hairstyle this time of year.  I ALMOST cut bangs again.  Almost.

Instead of going all haywire, I’m deciding it’s time to start writing again.  No, not songs.  Well, yes, of course songs, but not just songs.  I’ll now be blogging on a regular basis too.  Sort of a journal online.  I’ll introduce all sorts of great artists and people that I admire as I experience them.  I might share some pictures.  Hopefully a joke or two.  🙂

Today I want to point out that two amazing ladies that I listen to and love are both from North Carolina – Tift Merritt and Kyler England.   I didn’t know this until yesterday when Kyler tweeted to me about it.

Which puts them in good company with one of my musical icons, Ben Folds.  I first started listening to Ben when I was in college because a boyfriend at the time was a super-fan.  Then I learned to play “Magic” by ear on an upright piano in a music department practice room and was bitten with the bug.  Ben knows how to write the wittiest, cheekiest story about anything and rock it out on the piano like nobody’s business.  I am in “little sister-ish”awe of his skills and his nonchalant humor about life through song.  But back to Tift and Kyler.

My memory of Tift Merritt goes like this:  I ran into two strangers, who turned out to be songwriters, outside the doors of the Larimer Lounge in Denver sometime in the mid 2000’s, struck up a conversation and moseyed into the show with them.  It was a sweaty, hot, packed little floor of people and I was right on top of the stage when Tift came out, the cutest, dirty-blond, freckled little beauty with a Tele and an air of sweet, innocent sass.  She rocked the stage with her alt-country stories and gritty but pure self for an hour and half after just getting into town all the way from Canada (her drummer mentioned that she was nominated for a Grammy that year), and I was hooked.  I thought, “What a cute, sweet girl with an honesty in her voice and songs…I want to be like that.”  I have yet to pick up an electric guitar.

I “found” Kyler England online years ago when a mutual friend (who also is some sort of scientist at Vanderbilt) told me my songs and voice reminded him of his friend Kyler.  I’m sure I looked her up on Myspace since that was everybody’s space back then.  I still absolutely melt when Kyler sings.  Her soul bleeds honesty through her music.  I was fortunate to get to meet her at a film/TV event in California last year, and she is as sweet as she is talented.  I hope I grow up to be like her.  🙂  I recently started listening to her group “The Rescues” and they are amazing.

In short, I hope I make it down to North Carolina one of these days to get me some a’that.  Apparently there’s something in the water down there.