Boxsprings and bedhead

I think my boxspring was finished with life. I decided to look around (mostly on Craigslist and at a couple white-trash furniture stores) for either a platform bed or a decent used boxspring. I know, this is terribly interesting, isn’t it?

I decided I’m too poor to buy another one. Well, not poor, but I just really don’t want to spend money on boxsprings. On any type of boxsprings, new, used, broken, perfect or otherwise. I want to spend money on people I love, flowers to plant in window boxes and pressing albums for people to listen to.

I got home from my show in FC last night (rather late for a Sunday night with cubicleness and important business-woman dayjob responsibilities to get to the next morning) and discovered, *gasp*, to my delight, a perfectly uncompromised boxspring sitting merrily in the alley next door to my basement apartment. How perfect! If only it wasn’t midnight!! If only I hadn’t been hauling around 150 lb keyboards and driving for an hour in the dark already!! If only! I knew what I had to do…

I wrestled this giant beast into the yard with the help of Brooke’s little hand-truck from the basement, where she’s been (not too terribly successfully) trying to move for the past few months. This would work if the sidewalk and gate were wider than a couple feet across. Oh, if you only could have been a fly on the wall for this one. Not a soul around to call, especially at midnight on a Sunday night. I knew if I didn’t save the damsel in distress, no one would, or worse yet, someone else would, or the rain would fall on her, or…a squirrel would pee on her (like one did on Breck when we were walking into the yard a month or so ago). I had to know if my mattress sucked or if my slumber could be saved by this beaut.

I somehow managed to get it downstairs, move my bedding and mattress, vaccuum the God-forsaken far-reaches of “under-the-bed-land” (don’t tell me you haven’t visited that region before) and slept better than I had in my own bed in years. Or at least in the two years since I’ve had this, unbeknownst to me, broken boxspring. I woke up feeling dandy. Even bedhead couldn’t look bad on a morning like this.