Creative genius

Who hasn’t wondered if they’re going slightly crazy? I know, I know, this isn’t usually a fun discussion topic, but I just got finished watched a video of a very moving (and entertaining) speech given by Elizabeth Gilbert on the topic of creative genius and how it (usually successfully) threatens to ruin our artists and writers of this day and age. If we would only give creative credit where credit is due…anything TRULY beautiful that we create is “borrowed” from the Author of Life Himself. He gives us the ability to sub-create (since we’re in His image), and that truly does take off some of the pressure/responsibility of placing any lasting value on what we write, sing or paint. It is all for Him…I think I can handle this better somehow now with that reminder. I remember Dr. Schleiffer teaching us this very thing in college (my Theology of Music in Worship senior seminar). How did I forget that enough to feel like this channeling of creative energy was in fact my own, so much so that the emotionalism threatens to undo my mental sanity?? Thanks, God, for reminding me I’m just a human being. I’m ready to write Your songs as you give them to me.