Fox 31 “Good Day Colorado”

was the most beautiful morning in the world…a little chilly at 6 am as Rob (Drabkin) and I pulled up at Civic Center Park for the little live promo were were doing for Fox 31 on behalf of the People’s Fair this weekend. The sun came up over the capitol building, and the city and county building was on the other side. There were flower beds full of geraniums and young, little assorted annuals, and the grass was greener than I’ve seen it in Denver in years. (It just rained for the past two days straight.) Wispy clouds rolled through a georgeous blue sky and I thought to myself, “Why on earth do I work in an office building?” I think I’d get up at 4:30 am everyday if I knew I was going to be doing what I loved that day. And outside, to boot!

I met some new friends (Perry, cameraman for Fox–also happens to be a friend of Breck’s like all good camera people in Denver, Jay Finesilver, CFO for Comedy Works as well as a huge organizing factor for the fair, and Chris, meteorologist for Fox) and saw some old ones (Tommy Nahulu, local artist/muralist). Tommy told me had shown up at about 4 to presketch his mural, and I empathized for a second (only minutes before I had picked a very sleepy, bed-headed Rob Drabkin up at his Writer’s Row apartment on Sherman street with his Martin guitar, computer case and iPhone…he had been out late at another show, and still trooped his way through the live feed with me on tunes we hadn’t played together since last summer on 9news). I’m the queen of run-on today, but that’s okay, I’m telling a story, much like Kerouac, about the sights and sounds and people of crazy Denver. Wham bam!!

When I walked over to Tommy’s mural, I was shocked to see it was a sketch of…..ME. “Tommy, when you said you were doing a live mural, you didn’t tell me it was of me!!” I was shocked. Not only was I going to appear on the promo as some sort of People’s Fair poster child out of all the 600+ musicians that audition for this thing, but now I was having a depiction of me painted and then auctioned/raffeled off for the event this year. This was kind of blowing my mind. Or maybe I was just half-asleep. Guess I felt like some local celebrity for a minute. I’d like to credit Tim Sutherland for the photo Tommy used to depict me on the mural. I snapped a couple shots of Tommy painting, Rob playing and Perry shooting (video). Enjoy! Hope you see you at the real thing tomorrow, 6 pm, Colfax and Bannock stage.