Hurry up and wait…

Does anyone ever wonder why there is so much “hurry up and wait” in this world?

Hurry up and get to work on time on Friday so you can sit there and wait for the day to get over.

Hurry up get to the chiropractor’s office so you can wait in the waiting room.

Hurry up and get your project done so you can wait for the rest of world to discover it.

It seems like there is a lot of this going on in my life right now. I am rarely on time to anything anymore, not because I’m disrespectful, but rather because I’m trying to minimize the wasted waiting time. Am I wrong? It’s even less effective or efficient to be early, I’m discovering. And no one will ever notice if you’re early or late, so what is the difference? Which leads me to my next point. Why are we governed so strongly by this human concept of time? Time passing. Time flying by. Time crawling by. Like watching paint dry. Or water boil. Why are these considered negative pastimes? They always have positive outtcomes. They are peaceful and teach us patience…

I think we all seek contentment and an understanding that time is our friend rather than an enemy that cages us like animals. I would love to see time as a blank canvas on which our experiences are continually painted in many layers of colors, oil paint that dries slowly and takes on a richer hue with age.

I’m hurrying up and waiting for that day. I’m learning a little more with each season.