I thought I would escape the 25 Random Thing Madness….

…but here I am, getting showered with 120 rose buds to satisfy the creative photographic whim of my good friend Charles Crabtree who now lives in Poland. It was a bit uncomfortable.

I once had Chai come out my nose when I was laughing in the Meadows Lounge at Huntington College. That was also a bit uncomfortable.

I sleepwalk. And talk.

I used to be a professional artist. Not a musical one.

I’ve worked for the Forest Service, been an executive assistant, waited on billionaires, worked security, modeled, sold cowboy boots and coffee and counseled adult college students, all within a matter of my first ten years of employment. None of these trades are related to my college degree.

I read a 1500 page novel when I was in first grade.

I got in trouble for reading a steamy romance novel when I was in third grade (refer to previous).

I hiked 58 miles in 8 days when I was 10 years old.

I never had a private lesson on the instrument I went to college for, before college that is.

I lived in a Volkswagen bus, a one-room cabin and a teepee when I was an infant.

My brother and I shared a bedroom until I was 14.

I’ve never owned a television.

I have had 6 cars in 10 years…two Hondas, two Volvos and two SUVs.

I love honey in and on almost anything (except dill pickles, you people are sick).

I have never had a speeding ticket.

I have never had a flat tire.

I need to knock on wood immediately. Good thing I’m surrounded by strange antique trunks and sewing machine cabinets.

I love vintage leather coats from thrift stores.

I used to work out obsessively, now I don’t work out at all. I look almost exactly the same.

I don’t enjoy being cold and rarely participate in winter sports for this reason. Colorado may be the wrong state for me. See next for explanation.

I used to shovel my car out of four-foot windrows of snow at 5:30 in the morning to get to basketball practice in HS. I no longer enjoy cold weather or morning workouts. I also used to ice my sprained ankles in buckets of icewater prior to practice, also not enjoyable during the winter when you’re thin and get cold easily.

I am not nearly as cynical as this makes me sound. I’m actually quite optimistic.

I love to give backrubs. And footrubs.

I have been an extra on a Nike commercial.

I’m going to someday go on a national tour. Not sure if it will be as a musician or a retiree in a motorcoach, but either way, I’m makin’ it happen. 🙂