“Katey Laurel has arrived.  [Periscope is] a solid batch of tunes that recall the work of Shawn Colvin or Natalie Merchant on the softer side and Katie Herzig on the more upbeat side.” – Dave Herrera, Denver Westword

“Combining a powerful voice with an acute eye for the subtleties of human nature, Katey creates immersive songs that leave listeners with a perplexing dilemma: whether to get up and dance or lean back and stare up at the stars.” – Anthony Casillas, Metromode Magazine

“Hurricane [was] one of our faves of 2013!” – Dave Leonard at Radio Unleashed

“Sitting amidst a stormy grumble of drums and their wafering rhythms, the crystalized and sweetly gingerish vocal is entrancing and honeyed … [Hurricane is] a strikingly beautiful piece.” – Neil at Raw Ramp Mag

“It’s time to make room for angel-voiced Katey Laurel. Her anthemic love song is a memorable piece that people nationwide will love.”Truth or Sarah

“You can bet your best Easter bonnet that Laurel’s songs were created first and foremost because she loves making music.” – LMNOP’s BabySue 

“Remember when Stevie Nicks first came out with Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rhiannon’?  Remember how her voice soared through those cheap speakerphones your dad had just installed in your car? Well, I am pleased to announce that I have found a similar voice.”   – Christine B, This Girl Christine’s Blog  
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“Katey Laurel has proved once again why she has met with so much critical acclaim.” – Tim Wenger of Colorado Music Buzz Magazine on Periscope

“Katey will sing her heart out and keep you coming back for more of this voice.”
– John DiTirro,

“Her songs embrace American magic and longing in their sounds, themes and production.” Dave, 

“Katey Laurel has one of those unmistakable voices that is instantly recognized.”
– Jeff McQuilkin, Oomph Music Blog 

“What a great song!” (regarding “The Wheel”)
– Laura Slavin, Music Dept. Liaison – Pacifica Radio KPFT 90.1 FM, Houston, TX 

“LOVE your stuff!”
– Jeremy Padgett, On Air Talent / Executive Producer – Dom & Jane Morning Show, Mix 100.3- KIMN FM, Denver CO 

“Produced by Nielsen Hubbard (Glenn Phillips [Toad the Wet Sprocket], Kate York), From Here sounds like it was crafted specifically for the AAA/Americana and adult contemporary crossover radio stations it is already making inroads onto.”
– Chris Kresge, The Rocky Mountain Music Network/The Colorado Sound, KRFC FM, Ft. Collins, CO 

“I’ve heard the Natalie Merchant comparisons with Katey, but my vote is Aimee Mann on a sweet little hayride.”
– Doug Anderson, Colorado Music Buzz 

“Katey Laurel’s voice is like a ripe piece of delicious fruit. Listening to it can seem more an experience of flavor than sound. Moreover, she is so comfortable with it that her tendency is simply to let it come out of her mouth, like an exhalation. She never belts. Doesn’t need to.”
– Quentin Young, Longmont Times-Call, “Unframed” 

“Laurel’s alternately wispy and husky voice makes a greater impression when it’s operating in darker settings, as on ‘Earthquake’ and See-Through.’.”
– Michael Roberts, Denver Westword 

“With an unforgettable voice and an ability to connect with listeners that’s a little unreal, Katey Laurel’s debut album slips quietly into [my] top 40 at the end of the year, but once you hear this young lady, you won’t be able to put her CD down.”
– Wildy Haskell, Wildy’s World 

“Her debut album is a self-written, self-produced jewel.”
– The Tomahawk, Mountain City, TN

“A natural born singer-songwriter…Katey has a voice like Emmylou Harris and a story-telling knack like the great Joan Baez.”
– Samantha Donen, The Vail Trail