Standing O Project

So I’ve decided to become a part of The Standing O Project, a new community for music fans and artists.  It’s a really cool platform put together by the folks who run “Art of The Song” Creativity Radio – a public radio syndicated show, and I’m in the company of great artists like Dido and Judy Collins to name a couple…and if you decide to join, your monthly tip will support not only us artists, but the radio show as well.  You will have access to ALL the artists’ exclusive content for $5+ a month.  Pretty cool, eh?  I’m also going to be ending my “Song of the Week Club” and moving it to this platform, where my insiders will get access not only to all of my exclusives, but the exclusives of all the other great artists as well.  I want you to get more for your music supporting dollars!!  Click the link below to explore and/or become a member.  Lots to see and hear!