The First Sweater Day

You know that first day that the chill of fall is in the air?  The first day you pull out a sweater and crave a hot cup of chai or apple cider?  Well, I think that day is today.

I’ve missed the rain so much this summer.  It’s been a long, hot one and I had almost forgotten how it feels when the pitter-patter on the roof and the cool air coming in the window makes you sleep like a baby.

I’m sitting here right now with a cup of Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea (one of my favorites this time of year) and contemplating our slow descent into winter.  The leaves haven’t even begun to change yet but I feel like they are groaning for a break from this dry, dry season.  I’m looking forward to cuddling up with a good book or my guitar and a new song idea.  I just got back from the grocery store with ingredients for chili, an acorn squash and parsnips and beets.  I LOVE the creative cooking harvest time inspires!

My playlist for today includes Matthew Perryman Jones, Katie Herzig, David Mead, Sleeping at Last and Thad Cockrell.  It feels just right.  Here’s to the onslaught of sweaters, hot chocolate and fall leaves.