Too much social networking. Too much socialism. Too much too much.

Aghhh, Facebook, you are the bane of my musician existence! If there were less Facebook updates and Myspace comment approvals and iList and Craigslist postings and dot-dot-dot, maybe I would write more songs. I’m disappointed by my lack of personal conviction and crazy addiction to social networking. It’s not even social, it’s voyeurism at it’s best and I don’t even spend much quality time with my REAL-LIVE-IN-PERSON people. Yikes. Not that I don’t want to know what so-and-so’s husband looks like and reminisce about days we used to sled in colder weather than the last two days in Denver, or fight that urge to let Nate Krey know I still use the same microwave he gave me when I lived in his basement in 2005…but you know, dangit, where’s the creative songstress? Online? Or on the guitar? Sadly, not the latter.

I HAVE been working on some new songs believe it or not, several of which I will play out at Dazzle tomorrow night. Not sure why I write this. I think only three people even know I have a blog. I’m inspired by Andrea and John, who actually keep blogs that are bold, beautiful and entertaining all at once. I used to be a journaler, so why not now? Why not? Because I’m spending too much time on Facebook, that’s why. I’m going to do better, take more cell phone pictures and randomly rant about the thoughts in my head. And write more songs. This is going to be fun, people. As Susan Enan sings, “Bring on the wonder, bring on the song…I’ve pushed you down deep in my soul for too long…”

Ahhh, much better.