Yay, New Workout Music!

This is what one of The Remix Project’s backers had to say yesterday…and it is with a grateful heart that I announce that the project has funded and this groovy collection of amazing tunes will be remixed by Carmen Rizzo (Coldplay, Seal), Michael Carrera (Maroon 5, Churchill), ZiK, Brian For President, Daniel Prendiville, Echolorado, SLEUTH, Ocellus Lucanus, Phantom Ride, Johnny 20/20, Cities at Night, Xteve (The Submarine Band) and DJ Elie ADC.

Get ready to don your sweats and work out your heart and lungs on the treadmill, the pavement or the dance floor…coming your way this June as a FREE download sponsored by the following amazing patrons, Periscope – The Remix Project is official!!  Thank you so much to my Kickstarters (I’m calling them my Dancers) for helping me put out new music for all of you…leave a comment thanking them if you’d like!  This project wouldn’t have been possible without all the talented remixers listed above, and all the amazing, generous support of the folks listed here:

Joshua and Laura Harwood, Steve Miller, Max McGee, Balder Srensen, Luke Foley, Chris Newcomb, Carly West, Gail Tracy, Jonas Ritter, Lauren Brombert, Will Dupree, Tobin Bereznak, Mike George, Ken Fricklas, Jim Feenstra, Adrienne Osborn, Danya Artimisi, Mike Fenocketti, Gary Ho, Paul Eastes, Lawrence Garcia, Andy Hackbarth, Frank van Kouwen, Jason Truman, Jim Deeming, Tony Solo, Chris Pysden, Paul Hummer, David Prichard, Steve Law, Nancy McGraw, Stuart Kewish, Daniel Jacobs, Ruthie Owen, Terri Klatko, Daniel Spencer, Jason Vigil, Support Kindness, Tom Smith, Scooter Bussell, Marti Christopher, Lynnea Morgan, Joia Cicolini, Martin Nicholas, Alexander Teitz, Angela Lujan de Escala, Xteve X, Donna Terwilliger, Kim Gronbek, Colin Francis Moore, James and Paul Hermann, Victor York, John Gerlick, Darren Wilson, Laurie Dobrow, Frederik Plets-Van Der Linden, Athletic Arts Pilates/Eve White.

Thank you all!  NOW…Dance Party!